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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cookie cutter that makes multiple cuts?

Have you heard of such a device? Neither have I until I had the task of cutting out Valentine's Day cookies for my son's class last year. After positioning my, one and only, heart cookie cutter every which way on the dough, I was wondering if there was a better way. I scoured the internet looking, but found nothing. With cheers from family and friends, I embarked on submitting this idea of a multiple cookie cutter to a contest. Though I didn't get the benefits of winning this contest, I pursued this "idea" that everyone thought was so great. Again, I went to the internet and researched to make sure that a product, like the one I pictured in my head, was not already out in the market. I still couldn't find anything.
I took a leap and began my own "product development" on this cookie cutter that could cut multiple shapes at one time. I really was questioning why no one else thought or did this. My answer is...there were others but for some reason their ideas/products didn't work. I am now still forging forward in hopes of just touching a super itty bitty piece of the pie and began another search yesterday only to find that I am in good company. Yes, there are others who either had the same idea as me (at the same time), or possibly saw what I was doing off of my site. I am a little disappointed, but I am choosing to look at the positive. What are they:
1. I know that others thought the multi cutter was good enough to create themselves.
2. I know that my motivation is really to help bring families together and encourage young, ripe, innocent eyes of children.
3. By providing a solution for moms with limited time (which basically means all of us) I want to give these moms an opportunity to spend a moment doing a special activity, they might not otherwise do because of such time constraints.
4. Business wise: I have low overhead and a great technique to manufacture all types of cookie cutter shapes. I am simply cheaper!
5. Competition is good. It keeps us on our toes and will either push us out or get us in the game....bring it on!

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