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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to School Shopping

Here we go again…a new wardrobe of clothes for kindergarten.

I am sure I am not alone in the problems I have finding the perfect clothing for my son to wear. His texture sensitivities often lead me to send in unwanted clothing to his occupational therapist for her to try her methods. His sensitivity creates a whirlwind of uncertainty every morning. Though I try to pick out a couple of every item he needs to wear, we still sometimes get more than we bargain for at 7am.

Every tag needs to be cut. Thank goodness for the new tagless versions of clothing! Collars are not a favorite and often unused each season.

From summer to fall, we have struggles going from minimal clothing to layering. Whenever my son gets the opportunity, shoes and socks come off. Every item I buy is a gamble. What is a mother to do?

To find some sort of relief, I've come up with a formula that my son (or me) may find useful to determine likable-ness that may go something like this:

"Color + style (no collar or button downs) + tagless+ softness + character/emblem + fit + familiarity + buttons, zipper, pockets + movement sound (preferably none) + tightness of elastic (in pants)= “might” wear clothing"

Similar to the law of physics, this may be an impossible task. On the upside, at least I won't have to worry about him nagging me for any items of popularity when he gets older.

My question today: We all probably have some formula that we live by. What's yours?

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