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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Behind the scenes at the Martha Stewart Show

Martha is one cool cucumber!

Upon arriving at the Martha Stewart Show (and after waiting in the line outside the door...brrr!), every audience member is asked to see ID, given a seat number, and go through a metal detector. Your bags are also checked.

Next is the "holding area", where the last call for bathrooms are made and seat number is announced. We happened to be the very last seat numbers assigned. Tip: arrive earlier than what the email or letter indicates.

As you take your seat, each of the sets (kitchen, craft, and green house) are cheerfully decorated and pristine. The "warm up" guy, Joey Kola came at the audience with a burst of energy. A possible comedian in a past life, Mr. Kola was entertaining. I almost liked him better than, prim and proper, Martha.

Blah, blah, blah...Do you want to hear the down and dirty?

Here it goes: Martha's daughter happened to be a guest on the show. Poor Martha! Her daughter was such a little snot to her. I'm pretty sure Martha usually doesn't take a lot of "BS". It was crazy how disrespectful her daughter, Alexis, was. She has some major mother/daughter issues going on! The slightest bit of inaccuracy(on Martha's part), Alexis would pummel Martha with a snide remark. I was speechless to watch Martha promote her daughter's blog, then hear her daughter diss her on national television! I would hope that Martha spoke to her after, but I have a feeling that this is just the dynamic of the relationship. That girl needs a reality check and gives off a feeling of entitlement. Boy, I hope Alexis doesn't find out that the "house" she created is simply made of sticks. It would be smart for her to appreciate (and run to) the brick "house" where Martha lives. What a naive girl.

Martha: Please parent your daughter on the fine art of appreciation and respect! It is somewhat comforting to know that you don't do everything perfect, and that parenting may not be your strong suit, but you need to do something about her. Alexis' attitude is toxic. As a mother, it was hard to watch.

The only other beefy detail I have to offer is on Martha Stewart's wardrobe. No doubt, the chartreuse color was vibrant and showy, but Martha looked a little frumpy. I'm not sure if it was the sweater or not, but I saw rolls around her tummy. It was not very flattering. I have to commend Martha on the courageous move to wear stilettos. I am NOT kidding! I couldn't believe Martha could walk in these 4" heels. After the show, a comment was made from the audience. Martha, who I believe is in her 60's, kicked up her leg across one of the tables to show off her shoes. For that move, hat's off to you, Martha!
Even though the show was about blogging, it really was about bloggers dedicated to Martha Stewart. I was disappointed by the notion that there was very little reason for actual bloggers to be audience members. I was hoping to increase traffic to my blogs with either an announcement or listing of my URL's. No such luck. The only real tip I learned was in cutting a cake: Cut two slices, then take out the 2nd slice first. That helps keep the slices in tact.
....And there you have it. My morning with Martha.

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