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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I went to a local carnival this past weekend. The first of the season. We had talked up the event to my son because he just loves ferris wheels...not riding, but watching them go around and around. As we left the car for the long walk to where the lights were shining and the scurry of people, my son gleamed with anticipation and skipped to gate. Upon our arrival, we headed straight for the ferris wheel. There we stood. It was not only our first destination, but it was to be the final one. At least for the parent who teamed up with my son...me. We tried to walk over to the kiddie rides and even engage in a game of fishing for a prize. Whatever we tried, my son kept directing me back over to the ferris wheel. He was stimming (a word used in the autism community to mean self stimmulating behavior). I let him do this because it is something he needs. It isn't about me and my desires to see him jump on a little elephant that floats up and down...like most other children. I don't care because he was lit up with excitment.
Meanwhile, my husband took my daughter to a sandart table. There were many different colors of sand to choose from. She chose her bottle (with the help of daddy) and began to pick the colors she was drawn to. She selected each color carefully and poured the sand through the funnel into the glass bottle. With little success, my husband tried to direct her to some colors he wanted to see. No way! She was in the drivers seat. After she completed her masterpiece, a cork plug held her creation in tact. She was so thrilled when she came over to show me. It was the prettiest bottle I have ever seen. Yes, I was still holding hands with my son at the ferris wheel trying to stay out of the way of the passer bys.
I thought about what kind of sandart I would make and then about the colors my son would create. It would be the most perfect rainbow. Every day we sing about rainbows, we color rainbows, he shines like a rainbow and he is our pot of gold.
The question for today: How would your sandart look if you could make one? Would it have many thin layers of different colors or a few thick layers of similar colors? Would it have very straight, linear lines, a wave, or even a shaken up look? Would your bottle be tall and thin, short and round or pear shaped?
Think about what you actually would choose. Does your life reflect your sandart?

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