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Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Toy

Do your kids have a favorite toy? Mine do. My daughter will don 10 bracelets on her right arm at any given time. "Zook at me, mommy?" As she comes running into the room. Her kitchen set is another favorite. Most mornings she summons me to the kids table for my very own "birthday party". There are plates, tea cups, "sugar", muffin pans, spoons, "milk", and whatever else she thinks to fit. A birthday tune and kiss is all she needs to feel that she did good. She is like me...a caregiver.
My son has different interests. His favorite "toy" is a fan. It doesn't matter what kind (ceiling, window, or table top). Today, he spotted the window fan in our basement. All of the sudden, he was carting it up the stairs so he could see the blades go fast, go slow, stop, and go around again. Fans are what he loves. If the question was given to other little 4 year old boys, their answers would range from trucks or planes, to buzz lightyear or spiderman. I have to admit that for the sake of acceptance, I would rarely divulge the actual answer. My answer for him will be pinwheels. You see, there is an acceptance level of society. In my mind, the pinwheel meets my sons requirements while still positioning him at the level of acceptance. He won't be looked upon as odd with that answer. I venture to guess that we all do this daily to some degree. It just isn't as obvious because we don't really have anything "wrong" or different with us.
My question: Is there a stretch of truth that is appropriate? When was the last time you stretched the truth? How old are you...really? How much do you weigh...really? How is your marriage...really?


Tracey Bryant Stuckey said...

This is so interesting about your son's response to the fan. I completely understand what you are saying about "acceptance." I have a four year old little boy (although not autistic) who hasn't ever really liked toys. The in-laws and other family/friends have always commented on how I need to subject him to toys more and take some of the books away. They just don't like the fact that he is different from others. I think different is marvelous! How cool that your son is trying to problem solve the inner workings of the fan. My opinion: autistic minds are brilliant minds

Pressdough said...

Amen, Tracey! Thanks for the comment:)

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