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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kindergarten Kid

We have survived the first day of kindergarten.

It was not without anxiety. Transitioning is hard for any child (and parent). For our son, it has always proved to be difficult. So when the bus came and Ryan was unable to find a seat, it was at that moment I knew we were in a bit of trouble. He was a lost puppy.

I had tried to prepare him for his new school. We had a book made (called social stories) to include pictures of school, his teachers, and his classes. I took him to the new school playground, at least twice a week to get comfortable in his new surroundings. I hoped it would also provide a feeling of confidence and make it easier for him to “fit” in with his typical peers. We would talk about kindergarten and all the new friends he would make. Could I have done more to help him?

I had not thought about the bus to school. This could be a deal breaker for him. It is unbelievably disorganizing to a child with special needs. There is no routine. It is loud and unsettling. As Ryan road away, I was beside myself with worry. He looked straight ahead, scared at the uncertainty of it all and put on the bravest face he could. I went home and wept. Not so brave.

I wish I had a magic wand and “pressdough” all our anxiety is gone. The good news is that we have a great team of school personnel to help us through.

Today is done. I look forward to each new day. For Ryan is my teacher and I learned about what true bravery is. I can’t wait for another lesson tomorrow.

Question: What do you learn from the children in your life?

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Judy said...

What do I learn? Just about everything, especially from kids like your son. I hope he has a wonderful and successful kindergarten experience.

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