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Saturday, October 4, 2008

DIY- Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Why buy those reproduced "dough" ornaments when YOU (and yours) can do it yourself?

There is nothing more personal than receiving something made with love. For myself, I begin thinking about holiday gifts for the 20 + teachers and therapists during summer. I'm not kidding. I want to show my appreciation for their dedication. I was thrilled when I stumbled across this do-it-yourself demonstration of dough ornaments:

It made me think back to making these type of ornaments with my own mother. My sister and I actually went door to door selling them for extra Christmas money. Every year, these ornaments make it onto my mothers tree and remind me of that one year. Although my family was going through quite a hardship at the time, the memory of those dough ornaments are so vivid and happy.

This year, it seems right to make dough ornaments with my own kids. Of course, I'll be utilizing my time and energy by using the Press Dough cookie cutters (multi-cutters). I should be able to cut about 8 ornaments with every rolled out, circle of dough. It should go quick enough to keep the attention span of my 2 year old.

With the "economic crisis", we are going through a change in our view of spending and materialism. This is a great year to focus on making memories. I know from my own childhood, a memory will last forever.

MQT: What memories from your own childhood can you share that will have an everlasting effect on you and those you love? Lose yourself in the magic of memories this year. The family will be stronger for it.

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