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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

High School + Heart Cookies = Yummy Fun

Well, I think I just found the most famous cookie cutouts ever:


If you are looking for something to do during a fun night of sleepovers, a night of movies or friendly gathering, try baking up some cookie cutouts. Recipes for either sugar cookie cutouts or chocolate chip cutouts can be found at: http://www.pressdough.com/resources.html#recipes

Bake up some fun using the Press Dough Heart Multi-Cookie Cutter:

Your tween and her friends can create fun "cookie" messages while chatting about the latest and greatest styles or celebrity gossip.
Yummy, hip, and fun! You are sure to be voted "Most Popular Party".

Don't forget, holidays are coming.

MQT: What name or message would you write on your own heart cookies? Who would you give it to?

I would give a cookie heart to my daughter with her name printed, mini m&m's lining the edge, and pink icing dotted throughout. For my son, I would bake a chocolate chip heart - knowing he would never eat such a sweet indulgence - print a big letter R in the center (for his name) in Red (favorite color), line the edge with a thin layer of red, swirly icing and stick a candle in the center (since choc. chip cookies can be cooked softer) and sing a melody of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". Keep in mind, my kids are still very young.

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