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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Autistic...I mean Awesome

Halloween is officially over, but before we move onto the holiday hub-bub I wanted to savor the memories of yesterday. For my daughter, dressing up is a breeze. She is excited, full of energy, and fulfills every expectation a parent can have.
With my son, we never quite know how the holiday will go. Each year the preparation of the costume is filled with stipulations (no tags, no hats or masks, no scratchiness etc.). This year was no different. My husband I begin with a pow-wow of what possible costumes fit into his acceptance. Then, we ask him what he would like to be. "A Chicken!" he shouts. OMG! For one thing, how in the world am I going to make a costume that resembles a chicken? For another, the texture sensitivity on this is going to be out of this world for him. So, I did a test and put on a very furry coat to explain that this is what a chicken is going to feel like. That did it...we settled on a red crayon.

I got my sewing machine out (keep in mind, I am no seamstress) and proceeded to create something that will excite my son and the population. I want him to attract all the compliments and attention he can (as I know that natural attraction is much easier for him). I share with you the fruits of my labor (above). With that said, I would encourage anyone to spend the $13 at
Wal-Mart to buy the cutest witch costume I have ever seen. The deal of the century for me and so much easier!
After the pair came home, they were both more excited than I have ever seen. My son will not eat (or try) an ounce of candy. For him, it was about the experience. He took each piece of his candy out of his bag and began lining them up and calling out their name (with my help):
"Recess!" - that would be reese's peanut butter cup
"Milk Shake!" - that would be Milky Way bars
"Baby Grace/Baby Ava!" (interchanging names)-
for Baby Ruth (he has cousins that we call baby Grace and baby Ava.
"Kitty Cat!" - Kit Kat
We were able to see him in the school parade and go to his class party with great success. This is a first for me. Historically, it has been an emotional disaster for all of us.
To top off the night, he stood up on the bed and said:
" Mom, I want to give you a hug"
(he is not a hugger and held both arms out and squeezed)
Today....Autism is Awesome!
MQT: Can you think of little gestures your loved ones do to help you get through the times when it is not so easy?

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