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Monday, January 26, 2009

Crafts with Cookie Cutters

DIY Coin Glycerin Soap
Gets Kids Washing! Wash for Rewards
Making glycerin soap out of Press Dough's cute multiple cookie cutter shapes just takes a little time and simple tips.

  • Multiple cookie cutter is desired shapes
  • 2 sheets of Aluminum foil
  • Melt and Pour glycerin soap - purchased at craft stores
  • If desired: soap coloring and scent drop - purchased at craft stores
  • Large glass dish (that you can use for crafting) similar to a pyrex glass bowl for baking
  • Boiling pot to support large glass dish (for creating a double broiler)
  • 1 quarter to embed in soap
  • A spray bottle of Alcohol (purchased in the first aid section of your grocery store or pharmacy)
Step 1: Fill up your pot with about 3/4 water and begin heating to a boil on stovetop
Step 2: Cut 8 ounces (to start out with) of melt and pour soap in 1-oz cubes (many packages have templated out 1 oz cubes for you).
Step 3: Once water is boiling in your pot, place your glass bowl on top of boiling water and place the 8 ounces of cubes in the bowl. Cover loosely with aluminum foil.

Step 4: Melting the soap will take a little time. Keep checking periodically to make sure your water has not evaporated and see how much has melted. It will be completely liquid when ready to pour into the multiple cookie cutters.

Step 5: While soap is melting, rip off a sheet of aluminum foil to wrap around the bottom of the Press Dough multiple cookie cutter so that all edges are snug (to prevent leakage). Also, try to keep the bottom of the aluminum foil free from creases to ensure a smooth bottom as the soap hardens and molds.

Step 6: Once melted (if desired), drop in about 5-6 drops of coloring and/or scent and stir. Follow the coloring and scenting directions on the package. If you don't feel the color is dark enough, squeeze a couple more drops into the soap. Be cautious with this. You can always add more, but you cannot take out.

Step 7: Once soap is melted, colored, and scented, skim any skin from the soap off the top and pour (using oven mitts (the glass bowl will be HOT) into the prepared multiple cookie cutter so that each cutter is only 1/4 or 1/2 way filled up. Place the excess melted soap back (still in bowl) back on the double broiler to keep melted. Tip: After you pour the melted soap into your cookie cutter molds, spray the top with the alcohol. This will get rid of any bubbles that may have produced and leave your soap clear.

Step 8: Wait about 15-20 minutes for the soap to harden.

Step 9: Once hardened, spray the quarter with alcohol (front and back), spray and place on the semi-hardened soap in the cookie cutter molds. The soap will now be able to hold the weight of the quarter. Take the rest of your melted soap (on the stovetop double broiler) and pour over the quarter. Remember to skim off the skin before pouring and spray the top of the poured soap with alcohol.

Step 10: Let sit for 4o minutes, then press gently to pop shaped glycerin soap out of multi-cutter mold. It is best to let the soap cure for about 1-2 weeks in the area before packaging, but if you can't then just wrap in plastic wrap until you are ready to use or adorn for gifts.

Suggestion: Raffia makes a great looking package for soap. Crystal clear bags or boxes are a great way to give your soap as gifts. Go buy a colorful loofah sponge and add to make a set.

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