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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kids involvement in tag sales = Profits (No Kidding!)

Our tag sale has come and gone.

The rain held out for most of the morning, kids had fun with their baked goods/lemonade stand, and my hubby was in his merchandising glory (he loves doing this...don't ask me why). In light of our experience, I've come up with some tag sale tips I hope you find useful.
Tip #1
Get your kids involved!
Set up a lemonade or baked goods stand for your kids. This will give them a little entrepreneurial spirit and the money they will make...OMG! It is amazing how someone will haggle over a $.50 item with you, but will so easily give that same $.50 to an adorable child selling lemonade/cookie.
Tip #2
Rise and Shine Early
Get the stuff out there early. Forget the "NO EARLY BIRDS!" posting in the paper. Do you want to sell your stuff or not? Most professional tag sale'rs come early. Deal with it. Grab a cup of joe and start selling.
Tip #3
Merchandise as best you can.
This area I left up to my husband because he genuinely loves it. He continues to move and re-position throughout the day. It matters where things are set up. A lot of times, there are just drive-bye's. Make sure the targeted items and/or great looking ones are easily visible.
Tip #4
What are great sellers you ask?
Don't take this to the bank, but we've found that people seek out: cd's, dvds, decent handbags, toys...children's sleds are NOT high ticket items:)
Tip #5
Price right!
I can't stress this enough. You will not get rich off of a tag sale. Your goal is to make a little cash from items that you would probably give to charity anyway. Most people will not pay more than $5, maybe $10 for something astronomically great. If you are selling furniture or antiques, don't call it a tag sale, call it an estate sale or moving sale.
Tip #6
Try to stick to the point of purging out the old. We did this somewhat successfully until a lady bought some of our stuff and saw that she had some junk (of her own)that she was going to give to charity in her trunk. Guess who got the junk? She was very sweet though.
Tip #7
Price items
Price individually (labels or colored coded) or set up tables that are generic (i.e. One dollar table, 2 for $3 table etc.). People don't like to ask. I must admit that this tip, we did not follow. My husband was the price police and priced an item on the fly. I don't recommend this method.
Tip #8
Buy (or make) signs and place in populated areas
We don't recommend placing an ad in the paper. We posted on craigslist and strategically placed signs in high traffic stations/corners. Make sure that your sign is clear and concise. Arrows directing buyers to the sale is a plus. No need to spend extra money. People drive around just looking for the signs.

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