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Friday, June 26, 2009

Crafty & Cheap Summer Fun

Bubble Blower
Kids love this simple (& crafty) toy!
  • plastic cup
  • round piece of felt
  • rubber band
  • straw (cut)
  • dish soap
  • water (spray bottle)


Tie felt around plastic cup. Cut small hole in the top of the plastic cup to feed straw through. Cut straw length just enough to touch top of felt (straw should be angled upwards). Pour small amount of dish detergent on top of felt. Spray felt with water.

Have Fun! Once the kids blow into the straw, bubbles will begin to form on top of the felt. They love this. Go outside with some breeze and see the bubble float through the neighborhood. This will keep the kids distracted for tons of time.

Hint: Great party idea!

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