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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Star Spangled Cookie Cutter Craft

In need of some crafty-kid ideas for your BBQ?
Paint with cookie cutters!

Any cookie cutter shapes will do(hearts, trucks, trains, stars, letters). Star shapes will add to the Independence day theme. Kids can "create" their own firework display.
Cookie Cutters
Washable paint (tempera or finger)
paper plates
old t-shirts

1. Squeeze a fair amount of paint on each paper plate (1 color each plate)
2. Give children old t-shirts to put on, a piece of paper and choice of cookie cutter(s).
3. Just dip cookie cutter into paint and stamp on piece of paper for a collage look or to color in later.

Once dry - kids can color in their shapes or create their own special fireworks display!

Tip: Kids love to see their name. Using letter shaped cookie cutters is a teaching opportunity and allows each to learn to spell their own name, read, or simply understand the alphabet.

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