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Friday, February 19, 2010

Taste Test #2 - Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Search

The chocolate chip cookie is said to be the most popular cookie in the United States. Nestle Toll house cookies are the "gold" standard in making chocolate chip cookies. My grandmother baked the recipe, and I decided to use it as the baseline for my search of the best chocolate chip cookie. Follow me in my quest. I will bake each recipe and distribute to my neighbors, family and friends for review. I am baking up the original recipes from the brands we know, seeking out some famous recipe favorites, then combining the results to see if I can find the best. It may end up that we already have it with our baseline, but it will be fun and yummy to find out.
Here are the results from Taste Test #2....
Nestle Toll house Chocolate Chip Cookie Wins!
The cookie recipes used in this taste test:
The results (14 reviews received)
Crisco chocolate chip cookie: 4 votes (2 adults, 2 children)
Nestle Toll house chocolate chip cookie: 9votes (6 adults, 3 children)
Land O Lakes chewy chocolate chip cookie: 1 vote (adult)
Personal Reviews:
Crisco chocolate chip cookie recipe - I didn't enjoy the texture on this cookie. Though it was chewy, the cookie flattened out as you baked it. Refrigerating the dough may help to keep the cookie looking a little plumper and limit spreading. I also didn't feel I added enough chocolate chips (as per the recipe). This is one of the possible flaw in every batch of dough, but after tasting and knowing the ingredients I added, I didn't think the recipe called for enough chocolate chips. If using this recipe again, I would add an additional cup of morsels. Due to the number of votes, I would rate it a 2 1/2 - 3 star cookie, but for me, it was my least favorite of the three options.
Nestle Toll house chocolate chip cookie - The old standard. They still seem to bake up crunchier than the other cookies, even if I limited baking time. What I love about these is the way they look after baking. Each cookie has a smooth surface on the top and inviting. They look like the Nestle Toll house pictures and I like that. The taste rarely lets me down, but I still think that there may be room for a little competition. You can't imagine what I have in store for the next round of taste testing.
Land O Lakes chocolate chip cookie - This cookie was very dense and "cakey". Though I liked it better than the Crisco cookie, it didn't out shine Toll house. This cookie baked up plump, but cracked on the top, similar to that of the Crisco cookie. What can I say? I don't like the cracks. The cookie's color was a nice buttery color and, visually, looked more pleasingly than the Crisco cookie. Still, only 1 voted for it and must be rated as such - 1 star (if that).
Taste test #3 coming soon....Look for some of the finest rated recipes tested and reviewed.

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